Time to invest in Bricks and Mortar not Banks

Created on 28/10/11 by SudoAdmin

For investment purposes, property is reliable in the long term. We know properties had come down fractionally in price over the last couple of years but the market is now on the move again and property prices are sure to rise this year.  We therefore maintain that bricks and mortar are a better bet than stocks and shares and even putting your cash in the bank. Banks and investment companies have used your money and pension funds over the last few years and lost a great deal of it, so in fact they are literally betting with your hard earned money. Bricks and mortar have fluctuated a little but you can be sure barring any major catastrophe it will be still standing should you want to recoup in later years and there is a good chance it will have increased in value. Have a look at our properties and see if you can sensibly purchase for a future investment or give us a call and we can tell you of any we think offer special value.

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